Woody's Mom
Who is Woody?
Woody was born with special needs. He had seizures. When he was 4 months old

he got a g-tube. When he was 10 months old he got a tracheostomy to help him

breathe better. He needed a shunt for his hydrocephalus. He couldn’t see very

well. He even had twelve fingers and twelve toes. A very special boy!

Woody became a “CAP/C kid.”

He received special therapy. Physical, occupational, speech, feeding, vision, and

developmental therapists helped him learn to do all kinds of things for himself.

He had many doctors, lots of appointments with specialists, and what
seemed like endless visits to the hospital and emergency room.

Woody had caring nurses to help his mom take care of him at home. They
suctioned his trach, gave him meds and g-tube feedings. They helped him

work on his therapy goals. And they gave him hugs and kisses!

Woody had a child service coordinator and worked on developmental goals

when he was in Early Intervention.

He met more therapists, wonderful special education teachers, and
learned more new things when he started school.

Today, Woody is a happy young man. He lives at home with his mom. He loves his wheelchair bike, going on "Target runs," attending music performances and other community activities. He also loves head scratches, bath time, playing with his
iPad, and making new friends.

Woody will always have special needs, and many loving helpers in his life.


Woody’s Mom exists to help
other moms and dads, grandparents, foster parents,
and all of the family members who
live with and love a child with special healthcare needs.

Woody's Mom