Woody's Mom
Resources for children


The Community Alternatives Program for Children is a North Carolina program for children with complex medical needs. It provides in-home skilled care, case management, home and vehicle modifications and other services. Can't say enough good things about this program! You can refer your child by phone or call to get more details.

If you live in Wake County, I recommend a call to Diana Watson with Holland Case Management at 919-482-3595.

If you live in Chatham, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Scotland or Stanly counties, I recommend a call to Jennifer Rhyne at RBS Case Management - 910-206-7974.

The two women were case managers at Woody's Mom, Inc. and they are just flat-out awesome.

For other counties, call the state office at 919-855-4340 and they'll provide you with a list of case management agencies in your county or click the link above.

Just getting started...more to come!