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Does your child qualify for CAP/C services?
If you or someone you know loves a child with special healthcare needs, call us to make a referral. Referrals can be made over the phone, and anyone can refer a child to CAP/C.

Your child may qualify for CAP/C services if he or she depends on technology for bodily functions such as:
  • breathing (tracheostomy, ventilator, oxygen)
  • eating (g-tube, ng-tube, j-tube, TPN)
  • elimination (catheterization or bowel program).
Your child may qualify if he or she has a medical diagnosis which makes it difficult to perform "activities of daily living" like
  • eating, getting dressed, walking, communicating, going to the bathroom
If you are not sure if your child qualifies, give us a call and we can answer your questions.

Woody's Mom, Inc.
Diana Watson, RN, Program Manager
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